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Hello Guest,

My name is Antonio Wicaksono, i purposely created this blog because I love to cooking and eating healthy food and when i hang out with my friends, i always talk about cooking, food, and recipes to other people beside me. I think, this is the my way to make big a change about what I know from the cooking, food, and recipes to all of my friends specially for readers here.

Content of Blog

Bro, i need your forgiveness, im very sorry because im not best writer. Usually i make post of article, i just only review from other blog and i write again from articles that have been published through social media, or searches on Google.

However, I don't want to be a bad guy by making content piracy (without source). As long as I compose an article, I write and give source of that information from. As the reader who may also have written in your media, or your own web but it appears on the blog that I have, Forgive me for my careless or maybe my lack. Because my point is i just want to share whole about hobbies over to my blog that i write.

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The blog has a navigation that helps you find the information you want. On the front porch, you'll see the blog order, such as headings, menus, main content, box search, and some other widgets as support for you. 

Cookies and Privacy Data

I am definitely not a smart people and iam understand a lot of laws related to law. I only understand that the person's privacy and property rights are very valuable and I as the owner of this blog I try to keep the atmosphere. 

By understanding of this, on this blog there is no feature for credit card related data input, and this blog is not aimed at crimes in other digital worlds such as phishing, data theft, and so forth. And this blog is not a blog used for shopping activities as well as digital transactions. As the owner of the blog, I do not provide any guarantee against the visitors if in the later days there are things outside the limits that I have. 

However, I beg very well to the readers of this blog to respect each other's rights.


I'm sorry for the all of you, to readers if in this article in the other days there are ads that serve. The show of ads that are in the sidebar or header section as well as maybe on the other side is solely aimed at improving the passion of providing more excellent article and information.

Don't worry, the ads that will serve on this blog are ads that I am working on in conditions that comply with google standards. If it's Google willing to serve its ads, then it's the result of AdSense airing on this blog.
The reason why is google adSense that i expected ?

I choose AdSense because these ads are very friendly to readers on this blog.

Honestly, I'm not a chef or maybe a cooking expert. I'm just a connoisseur. If the writing that is on my blog is less interesting or feels a lot of flaws, even you as a reader wants to criticize but with the intention of improving the quality of this blog, I do openly to let you all.

( you can send your letter to my email : k_torres_louis@student.smc.edu )

Thank you for visiting this blog and reading article of this blog. If you think that this blog is mandatory and want to keep sharing, please help with the contributions to the bookmarks in your browser and share this blog through social media.

Antonio Wicaksono